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  1. Your first and foremost job is to refer the syllabus of the NATA entrance exam and study according to it. 
  2. Get your vieMIET Group of Institutions & TMG College of Arts & Science
  3. ws correct. Decide which perspective will do best judgement to your question.
  4. Drawing skills.  
  5. Note down whether the question is to be coloured or pencil rendered.
  6. Make a rough top view.
  7. Draw a rough sketch.
  8. Add something to your answer that is above average. Add a dash of creativity.
  9. Try to make less use of eraser while sketching. 
  10. Try to use quality pencils.
  11. Don’t use too many colors in 2D. Always keep it minimal
  12. Improve your shading and focus more on texture correctness of various materials.
  13. Plan your paper. Attempt the simple ones first and then go for the complicated ones.
  14. Try to cover maximum marks in theory portion.